Friday, February 2, 2018

Posts are all in real time now. Let the fun begin!

I've imported all the posts from my other blog that I wanted to have here for background. So now it's all stuff in "real time". And it's a really good time to be blogging about what's happening on the political scene right now in the U.S. and on the world scene, too.

If you didn't read the first couple of posts, the ones I put up here before I started the "mass importation" of content from my Wordpress blog, here's the story: I had about 30 or so hardcore political posts--rants, some might say--over on a blog which I prefer to use mostly to blog about outdoor activities and nature photography.

After two years of serious blogging, it seemed clear that a lot of my fellow outdoor enthusiasts weren't hardcore political animals like me, but there was no way I was going to muzzle myself while the United States is undergoing all the crazy shit you see filling the headlines right now! No way!

Well, that little light went on for me a couple of weeks ago; I remembered this long-dormant cyber-spot and realized that I can stick my finger in tRump's filthy eye all I want over here, and keep on blogging about camping, hiking and outdoor photography over there!

So that's why you see 20 or so posts just before this one all bearing today's date. (The date of the original posting is included for each one.) It took a while, but I'm good now.

So from here on, it's mostly about politics with a healthy dose of sports. And occasional forays into topics around nature and the environment. Those are topics of tremendous importance now as we get deeper into the 21st Century.

And I'll delve into spirituality and religion from time to time as well. My first career goal was the ministry, and I went about half-way through seminary as a much younger man. And even though I'm not terribly religious now, I'm in agreement with a huge chunk of the American populace who have little desire to sit in a pew again, but nevertheless think spirituality is a really big deal!

I'm glad you've cast your eyes over some of my blog-stuff! Hope you like what you've read so far. Don't stop now! A *Like* now and then wouldn't be a bad thing; a comment or two would be even better!

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

Note: If you do like outdoor activities, here's your last chance to have a look at my "other blog!"

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