Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It Pains Me to Say It, But...

I truly love blogging but have not had lots of time and energy to devote to it. #BigFrownyFace!

That was true when I actually created this long-neglected blog many years ago; it's still true. I have a fairly demanding, full-time job and rarely have time for writing and music, two passions of mine that give me huge feelings of satisfaction but seldom put money in my pocket.

It truly pains me to say it, but blogging and using language for self-expression are like my efforts to master the French language or those awesome trips to the beach--they make me feel great, but who has the time?

And my musical pursuits... well, there's a subject I could go on and on about, but suffice to say that it's been quite a while since I've had a paying gig.

If you'd like to know more about my music-related stuff, follow this link

The day when I can devote a bigger chunk of time to blogging will come. (Spoiler alert: expect lots about politics and sports!) And until then, music, written self-expression, camping trips and beach outings just can't be strong priorities.


Knowing my fate and hotly hating it, I am,

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

Note: My other blog is mostly devoted to outdoor activities and nature photography and is fairly active. Well, way more than this one! If you'd like to have a look at that blog, click right here.