Monday, May 28, 2018

Remembering heroes: Gunny Johnny Basilone USMC

It's Memorial Day. I remember Gunny Johnny Basilone, USMC today. He gave his life for the country he loved on the first day of the furious Battle of Iwo Jima.

This hero is the only marine from WWII who received both the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross. Read both of the citations near the end of the piece.

Where do you find men like this?

An entry on Wikipedia is often long on information but just a bit dry. Here's more about Johnny from a tribute site that puts Mr Basilone's story in a more human context.

Was not able to attend any event on this Memorial Day. But thinking of our heroes here at home.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hate crimes and tRump tweets linked?

Teagan Goodard's excellent site regularly features content you're not likely to find on most news sites. I probably read 20-30 articles on the net daily and P'wire is by far the one where I'm most likely to get scooped and thereby get up to speed on something of considerable importance that had previously escaped my attention.

One of today's excellent posts features a recent study that shows a link between tRump's frequently hateful tweets and acts of violence, against Muslims, specifically. The eye-opening study was done by researchers Karsten Müller and Carlo Schwarz.

It does get a bit technical but it's well worth a read. I've never doubted that the twitter outrages from the Poser Prez do lead to hateful acting out, and it's good to see that my suspicions are born out by some evidence.

If you're not familiar with this excellent site, follow this link to check out

If you'd like to dive in to the article regarding Mango Mussolini's tweets and the link to hateful, violent acts, click here.

Bulldog Ben

Sunday, May 6, 2018

And on the environmental front...

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography is one of many scientific bodies that monitor CO2 levels on our planet and they noted in the last few days that we've crossed an alarming threshold.

After examining the data for the month of April, they're announcing that the concentration of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere has crossed the 410 ppm threshold for the entire month, something which hasn't happened on our planet for 800,000 years.

This is a very bad thing.

The Nation seems to be totally polarized now. About most any subject relating to our common life. I would include anything relating to politics; issues around the environment, especially climate change, are certainly on the list.

As I post on another grim event relating to the change in climate on our planet, I know that readers who live in the fact-based world and embrace science will not need any more evidence to persuade them that the time for foot-dragging is over.

Those who draw their opinions from science-deniers and the drivel put out by agencies who get their funding from corporate interests will not be persuaded by anything they read, especially on an obscure blog with a tiny readership.

But I'm going to go on beating the drum.

To see a timely and very informative article about this grim milestone and what this uber-high concentration of atmospheric CO2 means for humanity, just follow this link.

The longer we wait to take action, the harder it will be to mitigate the damage to the Earth.

Bulldog Ben Basile

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