Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My reply to a Trumpkin's social media comment today

Note: there is an amazing video of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon performing his own updated cover of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A Changing" with fresh lyrics that are plainly pro-democracy and anti-tRump. It's uncanny how well he channels a young Dylan in the performance.

And Freddy (not his real name) said it was just more anti-tRump propaganda.

Yeah, that hit a nerve.

Here's my reply to his comment:

Freddy, thanks for showing your unabashed support of Benedict Donald. It's good for Americans who have actually taken the time to follow tRump's many traitorous acts to know who the brain-washed, Kool Aid-chugging turncoats are.

You have no clue.

He's been laundering money for his Russian masters for at least 15 years. There are reasons why eight different members of his transition team or inside his administration met with Russian officials--all of whom our intelligence services know were spies--and then failed to disclose the contacts as required by law and then lied about the meetings!

They all--ALL of them--claimed no meetings took place until they learned--from media accounts or leaked info from people in our intel services--that we had photos of the meetings and tapes of the conversations.

Eight different tRumpkins whose salaries we pay. Eight of them and at least 18 different meetings or phone conversations. They didn't disclose one of them. Not one. The FBI and other intel services learned of those contacts because we monitor and record every call and every contact by known Russian spies.

The tRump traitors were caught not because we were wire tapping or surveilling them. They were caught because we were already monitoring and surveilling the Russian spies they called or met with.

You're so clueless.

There are reasons why he won't put into place the sanctions against Russia that are mandated by congress. The law requiring the sanctions passed 98-2 in the Rethuglican-controlled Senate! They know the game he's playing but they're too cowardly to do anything about it.

And they think they need trump to stay in office for them to enact the rest of their extreme legislative agenda. And GOP Senators and Reps know their campaign contributions from people like the Koch brothers and the Mercer family will be cut off if they don't produce on that agenda.

And they know they cannot get reelected if that money dries up.

Bringing the focus back to the treachery committed by trump: How is it even possible that he has had eight different meetings or conversations with Putin or others in Putin's administration since he was sworn in that were concealed from the American people and we only know that those meetings or conversations took place because Reuters has Russian-speaking journalists on staff who monitor the Russian official news services?

How can that even be?

So, that's a non-issue with you? That we learn of things our president is doing only by getting news from Russian media. Are you kidding me!?

And when journalists or celebs like Fallon or people like me tell the truth about things he's done, that's propaganda? 

You're out of your mind!

Believe whatever you like but know this: trump is a straight-up traitor and we're going to stop him before he can burn our democracy to the ground!

"Bulldog Ben" Basile 

© 2018 Ben Lawrence Basile

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