Monday, November 26, 2018

New Government report about the looming climate disaster is released

The just-released report about Climate Change and its consequences is called the National Climate Assessment and it doesn't paint a pretty picture this time.

Not at all.

Not only is the tRump administration showing complete indifference to the report, they tried to minimize its impact by timing its release for Black Friday.

Just what you'd expect from a president who has tried very, very hard to kill our nascent solar power industry, done everything in his power to shrink National Parks, green-lighted proposed drilling projects in extreme environmentally-sensitive areas and who believes that the very idea of climate change is a hoax cooked up by the Chinese government.

I am in that clique of passionate climate change-watchers who are science-literate, pretty well up-to-date on the latest developments and who have concluded that humans will never take the hard actions which would be necessary to keep the horrible, earth-killing consequences which are outlined in the assessment from happening.

The chances that humanity will act in time are very, very close to zero.

And it certainly won't be because we weren't warned.

It will be because business interests who are profiting from the status quo and corrupt and ignorant politicians were hell-bent on raping the Earth to safeguard corporate profits.

It's a dark, disgusting and dystopian story. One with a shitty, tragic ending.

And humanity is too cowardly and too subservient to its corporate overlords to keep the story from coming true.

To see the assessment in its entirely, follow this link.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2018 Ben Lawrence Basile

Thursday, November 15, 2018

We are doomed but a day of reckoning is coming

Today's subject is Climate Change and, in particular, whether or not we can keep the planet from the catastrophic damage that our failure to decisively act is bringing ever-closer.

And it's how this is working itself out here in the U.S. that I'm mostly concerned with. The rest of the world is at least trying to take action. The Paris Agreement is, of course, the best-known evidence that citizens and governments are, at least, paying attention and are trying to do something.

As far as how this is going here in the U.S., it pains me to say this, but big business and their bought-and-paid for "scientists" are so effective at brainwashing the average citizen--and, more importantly, the decision makers in whose hands our collective fate rests--that I truly believe there is zero hope of staving off a complete catastrophe. We're doomed.

But, it is also true that when common people who've believed all the bullshit they're being fed by big business and climate change deniers finally "get it", there will be hell to pay!

That is also inevitable. And I believe we're going to get there sooner than most people think.

It's a truly dreadful thing to say, but it's looking more and more like witnessing that "day of reckoning" will be the only "good thing" we who are watching this looming disaster can hope for.

This is instructive: Italian citizens executed Mussolini and then strung up his corpse in a public square for destroying Italy in the Second World War.

Can you imagine what people will do with the ones who destroy the earth?

Let me be clear: I in no way advocate or promote violence for any reason. I'm merely pointing out that karma--like the Earth--gets to bat last and it's going to be very, very ugly. Corporate interests, their talking heads and the climate change denialists have already taken this too far for there to be any other outcome.

I'm hoping and praying that I'm wrong. But all the signs are there and most of us are just not willing to see it. We are way, way ahead of the timeline as far as all the consequences that climate scientists predicted.

If I may be permitted a brief recounting of how all this affects me personally: I carry around a great weight of heaviness because of this seemingly-hopeless situation. And that's true for so many ordinary people who clearly see what awaits and feel like they're watching that proverbial train wreck about to happen.

The unfortunate truth is this: sometimes the bad guys win, there's no remedy, no solution and everything sucks. Like the ending of a Guy de Maupassant short story.

What I can say with absolutely certainty is that the business interests who are trying every trick they know to keep citizens and governments from taking decisive action--something which many large corporations rightfully believe could harm their bottom lines--those interests are winning that fight. It's not even close.

This is a serious problem all over the globe but is especially true here in the United States.

The part I'm not 100% certain about is whether those citizens and their governments can turn the tide and force the concerted and decisive actions which could stave off or at least mitigate the looming disaster.

There is very, very little evidence that they can or will.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2018 Ben Lawrence Basile

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

These Trumpkins L.O.S.T. on November 6th!

Yes, there certainly is a List Of Shitty Trumpkins who L.O.S.T. in the Blue Wave that washed away a boatload of sorry Rethuglican pols yesterday!

Bulldog is happy to throw out his own personal list that includes--but is not limited to--these shitty GOP losers who will not be missed by the citizens or constituents of their states or congressional districts.

The List Of Shitty Trumpkins who L.O.S.T. in the mid-term wave of 2018 includes California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher who's packing his shit now and heading for an extended vacation with his man-crush, Comrade Vlad, in an exclusive Crimean resort where all the coolest treason-weasels from the US House of Reps go when they have no official duties to which to attend!

Don't forget the sunscreen, Dana! And the KY!

The List Of Shitty Trumpkins who L.O.S.T. on Nov. 6th now includes ex-Attorney General Kris Kobach from Kansas who happily served as the head of Adolph Shitler's famous and totally-crooked Voter Fraud Commission.

Stalwart Dem Laura Kelly sent Kris packing last night, besting him in their much-watched contest to be the next Governor of Kansas.

But just when you thought we had driven a silver stake through this beast's shitty heart, here's the kicker to the story: brother Kris is reportedly on tRump's short list to replace Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General of the United States! Sorta makes you want to toss your Victory Party cookies, doesn't it?

The List Of Shitty Trumpkins who L.O.S.T. when the votes were all counted last night includes Scott Walker, Wisconsin's soon-to-be ex-gov who was successful at busting all of Wisconsin's public sector unions in his first term back in 2011.

Democrat Tony Evers is the long-time administrator in public education who defeated Scotty boy. The citizens of Wisconsin will now have a Governor who understands education and will work hard to enhance it.

Quite a contrast to Walker, who cut education funding to the bone to spite the teaching and admin professionals whom he hated with a white-hot passion.

Our L.O.S.T. list now includes Kentucky's own Kim Davis, the Clerk of Courts in Rowan County who got sent to lock up back in August of 2015 for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples after marriage equality became the law of the land.

In a complete vindication of the hitherto-unproven Theory of Karma, Ms Davis was sent packing by Elwood Caudill Jr, one of the men whose marriage license docs she would not process in the aftermath of that infamous court ruling three years ago.

The L.O.S.T. list also includes ultra Reich Wing nut Dave Brat, who was beaten by Abigail Spanberger, the ex-CIA operative whom he had scorned in their debates before she sent him packing in yesterday's contest.

Brat was the Tea Party darling who defeated Eric Cantor in their June, 2014 primary for Virginia's 7th District Congressional seat. Mr Brat can now contemplate his next career move which may or may not include displaying open contempt for women who commit the unpardonable sin of entering public life and attempting to serve the actual needs of constituents.

Well, that wraps up today's L.O.S.T. List! Lots of Rethuglican pols were given the pink slip last night by the voters in these much-watched mid-term contests.

I wrap up today by extending to these losers a totally sincere wish that they have lots of luck and success in their future endeavors... Yeah, right!

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2018 Ben Lawrence Basile