Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The Braves blank the Astros in Game 7 and take it all

The Braves just won the World Series, 4 games to 2. They shut out the Astros tonight, besting the American League Champs 7-0. The celebration I'm seeing on my screen right now is pretty wild!

Count me among those who didn't see this coming. I would have put a pretty good chunk of change on the 'Stros if I'd had to place a bet. (We'll ignore for the moment the fact that I prefer to throw money away in more creative ways.) This is only the second time in Major League history that a team with a losing record at the All Star break has gone on to take all the marbles!

Georgia's Brave Boys of Baseball hadn't won the Series since '95 when Bobby Cox was at the helm. That victory and this year's are the only two times they got all the way to the summit since the franchise moved to Atlanta in '66. They tore the trophy from Houston's grasp and did it convincingly.

If you missed all the excitement and would like to take in a good article about tonight's goings on in Houston, follow this link.

"Baseball Ben" Basile

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