Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A shocker: tRump is blocking the publishing of the Dem Memo

Back on February 3rd, I published a blog posting about the release of the Nunes Memo. As is widely known, the memo is the work of the Republican chair of the house Intelligence Committee, Rep Devin Nunes of California. Well, they say his staff put it all together, as Nunes has been recused from anything relating to tRump-Russia, but we all know what bullshit that is.

The memo purports to show that when the FBI went to a FISA court for permission to surveil Trump adviser Carter Page, that it essentially hoodwinked the judge and received permission to keep tabs on Mr Page based on flimsy and basically false evidence.

It paints a picture of an FBI and a DOJ hell-bent on crucifying Donald tRump.

It's all bullshit.

This, as you might imagine, led to the Democrats on the intel committee getting ready to release a memo of their own to show the context and make it clear that the Nunes memo is incomplete, misleading and basically a partisan hack job designed to distract Americans from the tRump-Russia investigation.

Well, after people like Donald tRump and Paul Ryan went on and on for two weeks about transparency and getting all the facts out and so on, you'd expect that the #PoserPrez would sign off on the Dem Memo getting out there.

Well, I hope you're sitting down. He wouldn't allow it to be released! Oh, no!

Actually, you and I both know that tRump is the GOP's Thug-in-Chief and he'd never do anything that would actually allow the American people to get the facts about Russiagate and all the crooked things he and his party have done in the last two years. The party would never let that go on, and neither will the venial, incompetent moron at the top.

So the Democrats' memo will not see the light of day anytime soon. If and when it does, it will be so heavily redacted that its significance and importance will be obscured.

For an interesting piece about tRump's obstruction and what's happening with the memos and the Russia investigation in general, follow this link.

Hey, #BenedictDonald! We see you. This is not going to end well for you. Nor for Mr Nunes. Nor for all the other turncoats in the GOP who traded loyalty to their country for some short-term political victories.

A day of reckoning is coming.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

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