Thursday, June 29, 2023

Oh, no! We're training Ukrainians to kill Russians!

As I've mentioned before around here, I spend quite a bit of time on different online forums, usually about political, military and historical stuff. A lot of time, truth be told.

Recently another participant in one of those forums threw out this question: 

"Russia is a good country. Why do Americans treat it bad and train its proxies to kill Russians?"

Here's the thing: I was having a hard time figuring out exactly what he meant when he said that “Russia is a good Country”.

To me, “good countries” aren’t populated by despot-loving citizens who meekly submit to being ruled by thuggish strongmen who stay in power until they’re good and ready to stop exploiting their Nation and its people and open the way for their hand-picked successor. Usually a member of their blood family, of course.

“Good Countries” don’t set up power structures where super-rich oligarchs control all important industry and make sure the lion’s share of wealth flows into the pockets of said oligarchs and the Thug-in-Chief who—with their support—calls all the shots and gets the biggest cut.

“Good Countries” don’t expend huge chunks of their rubles putting together bureaus or ministries in their governments whose reason for being are to create propaganda to confuse and control the populace, justify their bloodthirsty actions and wars of conquest and mettle in the affairs of adversarial Nations. That last one is a very big deal, especially since a lot of that particular strategy has been focused on the US, on our elections, specifically.

“Good Countries” don’t round up and imprison their citizens who don’t like their policies or seem to pose any kind of threat to them and their despotic ways.

“Good Countries” don’t take those aforementioned actions a step further and kill their not-compliant citizens, journalists or politicians by assassinations on the street, blowing them up in their cars, poisoning them or throwing them out of 13 story windows. And those things happen routinely in Russia, as you well know if your head’s not buried in the sand.

We are training Ukraine’s military in how to defend their Nation against Poo-tin’s bloodthirsty army because he attacked them in an effort to steal their land and resources, exterminate their Nation, its language and its culture. Comrade Vlad and other Russian leaders have affirmed publicly—in things they’ve said and in published documents—that that’s what they’re attempting to do even though they’re careful to throw out all that garbage about de-Nazification and demilitarization when the cameras are rolling.

You can think of Ukraine as an “American proxy” if you’d like but all peoples and Nations who’re not in Moscow’s orbit know that every Nation is free to support other Nations when the bullies of our Planet try to steamroll them. Especially when it’s a clear case of a much larger Country attacking their smaller, weaker neighbor and committing non-stop war crimes as they do so.

That support is completely legal, acceptable, appropriate and laudable and we’ll continue to give it until Ukraine pushes the last occupier out or the America-hating, Russia-loving MAGA crowd can get Der Trumpenfuhrer or some other QOP putin sycophant back into the White House.

In the meantime, members of the AFU will kill lots of Russians and the Poo-tin regime will be greatly weakened. Those are not bad things, they’re good effects indeed and we can take pride in knowing that our so-called proxies are good at it and that we helped.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2023 Ben Lawrence Basile

Yankees' Germán is Perfect in Oakland

When I put on the Yankees-Athletics game last night, I was eager to see if Giancarlo Stanton was going to finally break out of is slump.

He did, going 2 for 3, with a walk, a homer and 3 RBI. It was impressive,  and it was a big relief for this life-long Yankees fan.

But somewhere along the way, his teammate, Domingo Germán pitched the 24th Perfect Game in the history of Major League Baseball.

Yeah, I was shocked too. In a good way.

Did you miss it? So glad to say I didn't. I saw David Cone's perfection and was delighted that I didn't opt for another couple of episodes on NYPD Blue on Hulu instead of the game.

Yeah, that was the other option. I did take in an episode after posting about  on social media.

If you did miss it and would like to see what all the fuss is about, just follow this link. The story's in a jillion other places on the net, as you might imagine.

What a night it was! It's a night, an event, that I won't soon forget.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2023 Ben Lawrence Basile

Monday, June 26, 2023

Ukraine trying for peace negotiations this summer?

There are more predictions coming now that, because Ukraine knows full well that she cannot actually win the war raging within her borders, her leaders are secretly working behind the scenes to start peace negotiations with Ruzzia. Supposedly that she'll be begging for a sit-down with Poo-tin & Company in the next month or two at the most.

Here's the truth: the chances that Ukraine will agree to negotiations with putin’s criminal, genocidal regime—whether this summer or anytime before regaining their occupied territory—are exactly zero.

Negotiations this summer? While the counteroffensive is progressing? Not happening. Ukraine—greatly assisted by democracy-loving countries in Europe and beyond—is winning this dreadful and unnecessary war launched by Comrade Vlad’s Imperialist Ruzzia and her plan is to keep winning until all pre-2014 Ukranian territory is free of Russian occupiers. They will achieve this objective and we will continue to offer support until the job’s finished.

Can we say that all Americans support our official policy of siding with Ukraine and putting large chunks of American dollars behind that policy? No, we can't. But it's easy to see who's raising a stink and trying to derail our unequivocal  support for the Ukrainian Nation. Actual American patriots support the Biden Administration’s policy on the war. Democracy-hating trump-humpers don’t, of course. 

And the rest of us know why: the war was Daddy Vladdy’s wet dream, his effort to become the successor to Peter the Great; it was to have been his legacy, his crowning achievement. And trump—whom MAGA Morons worship as a god—would have done/would do anything to support Poo-tin, his handler and mentor. He’s been taking orders from that hateful, autocratic thug since before he even became President, and it's all been very plain to see.

We know what they’re trying to do and why they’re trying to do it, but we’ll continue to support our President’s policy and the Ukrainian Nation. And, at the end of the day, it will be one more achievement by President Biden and will deter Ruzzia and other democracy-hating Nations from invading their smaller neighbors with plunder and conquest on their minds.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2023 Ben Lawrence Basile