Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Kim Jong Un punks tRump in Singapore!

By now you've no doubt heard all about the awesome and historic summit between our Lying Loser Prez and Kim Jong Un, the vicious thug who rules North Korea with that proverbial iron fist.

Well, our Fearless Leader, our self-proclaimed Great Deal Maker just gave away the store in Singapore!

The #PoserPrez thought he was quite the negotiator when Kim put his name to a vaguely-worded pledge to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula; the fact is that it was nothing of substance, just a rehashing of  Korea's "commitment" made back in 2005 and at least two other times to pull the plug on the weapons program which has advanced light years from where it was when that "promise" was first made.

I'm not going to give the events in yesterday's summit any in-depth treatment in this post, but the specific event from the summit which has, quite justifiably, received the most treatment now that it's all wrapped up, was tRump's agreement--without actually being asked--to halt our military exercises with our South Korean allies.

Yeah. This cartoonishly incompetent, ego-driven moron many Americans thought had the skill and moxie to well represent the United States just bent over enthusiastically in Singapore and let KJU booty-root him with one of those second-generation, intermediate-range missiles in front of the whole world.

The blood-red, Donnie-commie cherry on this shit sundae of international diplomacy: while this was going on, the tRumpkins back home exploded in great paroxysms of demented delight, lauding Fearless Leader for his amazing negotiating skills and general awesomeness!

If you'd like to read a more detailed accounting of how this deal went down, here's a link to a solid article from Australian media about the summit that gives a pretty thorough treatment to Singapore without wading in too deep. (Yes, I know that's not an adverb. So sue me!)

A closing thought: here's a link to another piece which clearly, and with delicious irony, highlights how tRump went on at some length in a post-summit interview about what a great negotiator Kim is.

Well, Mr. tRump! The world certainly agrees with you on that one!

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

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