Saturday, June 9, 2018

Our Poser Prez plays the fool at the G-7 Conference

Well, our #LyingLoserPrez is up to his usual antics. This week, the setting is the G-7 Conference, where the leaders of the seven large industrial economies meet each year to take care of business.

The biggest facet of the story about the summit has to do with our uber-ignorant and incompetent leader's insistence that the US has been on the bad end of trade policies promulgated and followed by the world's industrialized nations and that he's going to put a stop to it.

Of course, this joke-of-a-leader cannot offer any rationale or proof behind his ridiculous contentions about trade with our close allies, but so what! He never has fact-based arguments behind any of his insane, toxic beliefs. There's no reason to think that this would be, or will be, any different.

The bottom line is that our know-nothing, America-first-and-fuck-all-the-rest-of-you pretend prez puts his ignorance, arrogance and malice on display everywhere he goes and anytime he represents our once-great nation.

There's no end to his tantrums, thinly-veiled insults and perpetual eye-pokes to our closest friends every time he's in the presence of other world leaders. Well, of course, not when he's around the world's most reprehensible dictators and strong men. No, not then.

The fact that he's doing all of this again at this very important G-7 summit should surprise no one. And it will go on just like this until we get this fool, this con man, this hateful, ignorant bastard out of our White House.

Oh, and one closing thought: his insane insistence that it's time to let Russia back into the G-7 is completely unwarranted, would reward their criminal invasion of the Ukraine and is the cherry at the top of this G-7 shit sundae!

Enough editorializing! You can read a thorough summation from Reuters all about the summit and tRump's behavior there by following this link.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

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