Monday, February 26, 2024

Why QOP pols lied after the fake Smirnov allegations

One of the huge stories that came out in the last couple of weeks was about the indictment of  Alexander Smirnov for peddling his cock-and-bull story to the FBI about the supposed-corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden while Joe was our VP. All tied in with Hunter's time on the Board-of-Directors of Burisma, blah, blah, blah...

Many folks have been wondering how and why Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan could have embraced the easily-disproven lies that Smirnov vomited up in his statements to the FBI and then run, so enthusiastically, with them. 

Let me begin by saying that in today’s QOP, a primary objective is to constantly spew disinformation and do it while screaming at the top of your lungs. You may or may not be “right” or have the facts on your side, but it doesn’t matter. It’s easily provable that they’ve been lying frequently but that’s never an issue with them. Well, it hasn’t been an issue at least since the election of Obama and the hateful and mostly-fact free rise of the Tea Party.

They know how to “flood the zone with shit” as Steve Bannon once famously said, and it’s a big help for your point to be fake, to be made up, so as to be as spectacular and attention-grabbing as possible. Being right, having the facts on your side, is optional. It worked for Hitler and the Nazis as they were working to consolidate their power in Germany and it’s working for Rethuglicans today.

Yes, Christopher Wray—a trump appointee—and DOJ staff warned them on more than one occasion that nothing Smirnov told them could be verified, but that didn’t stop them. Not at all. Didn’t even slow them down. They were on those bogus, unsubstantiated allegations like a dog on a bone and then doubled down and said that the charges against Smirnov didn’t change the underlying facts—which were, of course, based on Smirnov's lies from day one—and that Biden was still involved in bribes and corruption in concert with Hunter when he was the Vice President. It’s a stunning example of deceptive, fact-free, circular reasoning and it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from today’s QOP in the trumpian, post-truth era of our Nation’s history.

They’re not going to stop until we stop them. If we don’t vote out a whole lot of the insurrection-loving, wanna-be Fascists in the 2024 elections, we will slide into Fascism within 2 to 3 years after the last ballot has been counted.

This is no time to sit on the sidelines. It’s no time to say that both major party candidates suck. Democracy is hanging in the balance as we get closer to the November 5th elections.

Make your voice and your ballot count this time. It's democracy's last chance. 

"Bulldog Ben” Basile

© 2024 Ben Lawrence Basile

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