Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Ignorance, Bad Grammar and Life

Here's what was going through my mind when I first saw the disgusting and absurd sign you can see in the banner photograph: I hate, loathe and despise people who keep others locked into a life of religious extremism. I have first-hand knowledge and a ton of life experience on that. I'm here to tell you, it's cult stuff.

And I'll confess that I absolutely judge people who seem to have slept through High School grammar class and talk--or write, in this case--on a sixth-grade level. And with sign dude, how about all those unnecessary apostrophes in plural nouns that don't denote possession? In addition to that, there are no missing letters in any of those nouns appearing on that sign, denoting a contraction where an apostrophe would be called for.

The old school slur Homo's might be an exception where the apostrophe could be appropriate, as it's short for homosexuals. I'll ignore for the moment what a pejorative term that is... But as in the case of pros for "professionals", it's so common that the abridged word need not have one.

I know this posting is 100% pedantic, but that stuff really sets me off. And here's why: people who care so little for education that they fracture the English language like that often show complete carelessness and ignorance in practically every area of life.

It can be a tell about a contempt for education in general and the importance of learning and expertise in any/all areas of life. The sign-maker's ignorance and prejudice here are on full display and clearly illustrate what I'm "talking" about in this post.

Here endeth the lesson rant.

"Bulldog Ben” Basile

© 2024 Ben Lawrence Basile

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