Friday, December 11, 2020

SCOTUS Thwarts trump's Last Gambit

It's over. The Supreme Court has put the last nail in the coffin of the movement to overturn the results of our election.

To Americans -- including some of my friends -- who wanted to see that ill-fated suit be successful, I say that I hope at some time they'll realize that they've been lied to. 

Lied to by QAnon believers, assorted conspiracy freaks and other extremists who have consistently chosen fruitless and destructive efforts to hold onto political power even though it meant letting go of or actually destroying our democratic institutions.

The Nation as a whole has been manipulated, gaslighted and lied to by people who made deliberate, conscious and on-going choices to elevate their own interests and the interests of their political party over the Nation's interests.

We've been lied to by a party and a cadre of power-hungry Americans who use gerrymandering and voter suppression techniques to nullify the votes and the political aspirations of well over 50% of the citizenry.

They tried -- and tried hard -- to strangle American democracy and impose minority rule. One party rule. And we thwarted that campaign to snuff out democracy's sacred flame.

Our democracy is safe. For now, at least. Trump is turned out of office and will have to face American Justice now that he will no longer have the protective cloak of the presidency to shield him from accountability.

It's over. True patriots who love their country more than they desire political power and domination over their fellow citizens can rest easily at night.

Lead on, Mr. Biden. You'll be scorned, vilified and resisted by a lot of Americans, obsessed as they are with setting aside the will of the majority and thereby propping up a would-be dictator. 

You'll be subjected to a constant stream of lies and threatened with violence on a regular basis by people who want to impose their dark vision of America on the country as a whole.

Nevertheless, you do, in fact, have the majority of the Country behind you.

Lead on, Sir.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile 

© 2020 Ben Lawrence Basile

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