Monday, December 14, 2020

Post-election madness, who's to blame?

Reich Wing whiners are out in force, still saying that Dear Leader and his supporters are the virtuous Patriots, upholding our Constitution and struggling mightily to safeguard our Republic, yada, yada, yada...

The way the Trumpkins explain it, those lying, cheating, conniving Dems are the real culprits in the story of the 2020 Election and there's no justification for trying to blame those virtuous and patriotic trump supporters for any issues, any bad stuff happening in the aftermath of the Presidential race.

The truth is that trump supporters -- both elected officials who should know better, and ordinary citizens who are true believers -- have put extraordinary time and energy into their futile and seditious campaign to overturn the results of the Nov 3rd Election. All of this even though the Electoral College met today and trump's fate was decisively sealed after California's votes were tallied. 

The evidence of their treachery is crystal-clear.  Yet they deny that their deliberate, well-planed actions have been harmful to the United States in any way.

They call the evidence we cite "fake news" and maintain they've done nothing wrong. Well, they've got some explaining to do. Let's go down a partial, very incomplete list of some of the sins committed by the President's supporters:

The threats of violence directed at elected officials would a good place to start. The Secretary of State in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, is a life-long Republican and supports trump 100%. And yet, trump turned on him and said things that have prompted his supporters to repeatedly make death threats to Mr. Raffensperger and other election officials and workers. Raffensperger and several others have had to get Security details to keep them from being harmed.

Trump's attacks on Michigan's elections led to the same thing happening to Michigan's Gov and Sec of State. The fact that they're Democrats made it no surprise but he's giving the same treatment to supporters of his if they won't enable his corrupt and democracy-killing schemes!

So I ask you, what legit reason is there for trump to do that to his own ardent supporters? To Republican officials who merely refuse to back up his baseless and never-ending claims of election fraud.

Can it be denied or explained away that trump and his lackey Louis DeJoy, sabotaged the USPS for five solid months in hopes of keeping Democrats' ballots from getting in in time to be counted? They didn't even try to hide what they were doing.

Can it be denied that trump and Moscow Mitch moved heaven and earth to get Amy Coney Barrett approved so that she could rule in trump's favor when their pitiful court cases and appeals came before the Supreme Court to be adjudicated? Their campaign to game the election and steal it if they did, in fact, lose was in place way before Nov 4th. It had been planned many months in advance.

But, as we all now know, his hand-picked, nakedly partisan Justices refused to sing his tune; they didn't, they did the right thing. They upheld Justice and quashed his ridiculous gambit. And three of them were put on the Court by trump!

Why did the Republican Sec of State and State Supervisors of Elections in Georgia not give him what he wanted? They were trump supporters and said so in public multiple times! Why didn't they go along?

Because they wouldn't corrupt themselves, that's why. They upheld the laws of their State, rather than help the candidate they liked and supported blow up our democracy just to keep his grip on power.

Why did multiple attorneys working on those absurd cases answer "no, your honor" when judges asked them, point-blank, if they were alleging fraud in the cases they brought? Because they had not been able to find any evidence of fraud, and they knew that lying to a Judge could cost them dearly and blow up their careers.

Lying in a court proceeding is a little more serious than lying to the public in a surreal, hastily-called press conference in a dingy Pennsylvania office park. 

Why did AG William Barr -- who was chosen for the top job in our DOJ by trump himself -- refuse to play along? Why did he look into trump's ridiculous claims of fraud and then publicly say that there was no fraud? Why did he do that when he's spent the last two years kissing trump's ass and doing his dirty work for him?

He refused to go along with trump's corrupt game because he was smart and experienced enough to know that he'd end up disgraced, disbarred, convicted of a crime and locked up.

Why have State, Federal and Appeals court judges in four different states -- many of whom were appointed by trump -- throw out his lame suits more than 50 times?

The bad things done in this election were done by trump and the GOP. The voter suppression, the right-out-in-the-open operation to hamstring our Postal Service, the lawsuit to throw out ballots from our troops overseas because they arrived after election day... it just goes on and on.

The dirty tricks and the futile, false-on-their-face, evidence-free lawsuits are all because trump and the GOP know they can't win free and fair elections. They know that as the number of voters goes up, their chances of winning go down. That's why they planned to do all this crazy shit well before election day and told the press and the whole country exactly what they were doing.

Is all of that fake? Why do life-long Republican trump supporters and the people he personally put in their positions consistently quash his silly and corrupt schemes? Why does that happen?

Yeah, I know what they're saying. They're throwing out that "C Word"! 

It must be one hell of a big conspiracy there, right?

Late breaking development: it has just been revealed in the last 60 minutes that trump's hand-picked Attorney General, William Barr is leaving his post, 36 days before Dear Leader's term is over. 

It's not clear at this time whether he resigned of his own free will or was forced out by the Thug-in-Chief.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile 

© 2020 Ben Lawrence Basile

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