Saturday, June 20, 2020

The word is out about 45's boring Tulsa rally

The eyes of the country -- of the whole world, truth be told -- were on Tulsa tonight.

The thuggish poser who's now occupying the White House threw his first rally since America went into semi-lockdown and just about everything started being cancelled.

Herr Twitler just didn't have his mojo workin' tonight.

What a pity.

Many have pointed out that the attendance sucked.

Others have opined that the Thug-in-Chief was off his usual game. That he was... well, boring!

So sad.

As more and more Americans are getting a closer look at this pitiful, would-be tyrant, it's getting harder and harder for him to keep the faithful in his thrall.

All but his most hard-core cultists are looking for those metaphorical exits now. And tonight's lame rally will only speed up the process.

We're getting pretty damn close to November 3rd.

If this sad little man and the minions who're laboring mightily to get him another term think it's going to get better, I'm thinking they're in for a major let-down.


"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2020 Ben Lawrence Basile

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