Sunday, June 28, 2020

Priorities, the use of time, and donald trump

In an internet forum I read regularly, someone asked why our President cares about monuments to dead Confederates but has basically been MIA in our fight against the coronavirus.

Well, here's my reply to that question:

Everything trump does is done to pander to his base and enhance his chances to get reelected. Everything.

He wants to keep his tiny little hands on the power stick so very badly and so catering to his cult followers and telling them the kinds of myths, tropes and lies they like to hear is priority number one for Dear Leader.

Thinking of ways to throw red meat to the true believers and raise the odds that he can occupy the White House for four more years is his constant obsession. It’s what ties up all his time and energy.

Well, that and watching OAN, his buddy Sean Hannity on Fox and constantly checking the polls. That’s how he spends the lion’s share of his time.

You can certainly see what matters to someone by observing their actions, looking at how they spend their time.

He’s all about keeping protesters from pulling down those Confederate monuments because his supporters love it and it helps him burnish his image as a patriot and a tough guy.

His image is a very, very big deal for donald and it most definitely ties in with the whole reelection thing.

And the pandemic? He cares nothing about anything relating to that. Not for the health of ordinary Americans — that means nothing at all. In fact, his lackeys are in front of the Supreme Court this week, trying their hardest to finally kill Obamacare! All while millions of Americans are facing financial ruin and death because of COVID-19 and plenty of other ailments.

Let’s widen the focus a bit: our hospitals and the entire healthcare Industry were struggling mightily before the coronavirus came along and it’s made all of those vexing problems much worse. None of that has affected the way 45 does his job at all.

He’s still taking “Executive time” for the first four or five hours of each day, watching cable news obsessively, screaming at his staff because they can’t vanquish all of his enemies — real or imagined — and stop his spectacular slide in the polls.

Oh, I mustn’t forget this huge priority for trump: dreaming up ways to punish all the people he hates.

Or people who simply don’t fawn over him sufficiently. Those tasks take up a lot of his time.

Oh yes, and golf. I forgot to say that he spends quite a bit of his free time playing golf.

Oh, silly me! It’s all free time. No, let’s call it Executive time. I think that’s the term his staff uses for the time the boss spends doing everything but tending to the needs of the Country and her citizens.

So yes, the squatter in the Oval Office spends lots of time defending dead Confederates, modern-day white supremacists, Neo-Nazis and anyone who enables him, praises him or supports him.

But he cares nothing at all for the welfare of our Country, her Constitution or the health and lives of ordinary Americans. Especially if they didn’t vote for him.

Our health, our well-being and our very lives mean absolutely nothing to this incompetent poser.

If you keep all of this firmly in mind, everything makes perfect sense.

Bulldog Ben

© 2020 Ben Lawrence Basile

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