Thursday, April 16, 2020

Our Sports File: UFC 193

It was in the late summer of 2015 that Dana White and the other powers-that-be in the UFC decided that MMA Goddess and UFC Bantamweight Champ Ronda Rousey would defend her title against former boxer Holly Holm who -- at that time -- had only nine MMA fights under her belt.

As you know if you've followed mixed martial arts at all, no one in the MMA world gave Holly a snowball's chance in hell of besting Ms. Rousey in the Octagon. The fact that she had gone 33-2-3 as a pro boxer, holding multiple boxing titles in her long career, didn't carry much weight with many talking heads in the sports world.

In fact, the Vegas odds two days before the fight took place were 12 to 1 against Holly.

The now-legendary match took place on November 14, 2015 at a sold-out Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

And there were millions of shocked fans and hundreds of thousands of angry, confused and thoroughly-stunned bettors looking on when the challenger's foot caught Ronda squarely on her tender neck and she fell -- unconscious -- to that cold canvas.

UFC 193 was nothing short of stupefying in its time. Finding a site where you can view that fateful fight without a subscription is next to impossible, but I found one a couple of weeks ago.

If you'd like to have a look at one of the biggest upsets in the history of martial arts, just follow this link.

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