Friday, April 3, 2020

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said WHAT?

One of the big stories of the last couple of days concerns today's stay-at-home order issued by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp is one of the holdout Governors who seemed to be in no hurry to take actions which public health officials have been urging to at least try to keep the coronavirus in check.

It must be said that it is newsworthy that the Governor waited until now to issue the order.

But what was truly shocking about his statement today was the reason he gave for waiting.

The Governor claimed that he -- and his advisers -- had only just learned that some people infected with coronavirus can and do spread the virus, even if they have no symptoms at all and don't even know that they're infected.

That was stunning.

I'm not an expert, but I first read that at least a month ago. And it's something that you just don't forget once you've learned it.

It's certainly one of the main reasons I've taken all of this very, very seriously and have been observing that whole stay-at-home thing since I first heard public health officials say we should.

So, of course, thousands of people have been wondering whether Gov Kemp truly just learned about about asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus or was just looking for some plausible-sounding reason to explain why he waited so long to ask Georgians to stay at home.

I think most folks believe the latter explanation is the correct one.

I most certainly do.

Kemp is quite likely taking his lead from our arrogant science-denier-in-chief. There is certainly no shortage of features and articles about trump's foot-dragging since his advisers first began to sound the alarm many weeks ago.

It was just one more colossal failure on trump's part.

The fact that so many of the trump sycophants who hold elected offices all over our country are channeling Dear Leader here is making this public health catastrophe much worse than it has to be.

Here's the sad truth about all of this: the chances that Kemp or his know-nothing role model will change course while we're facing this once-in-a-generation crisis are very, very small.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2020 Ben Lawrence Basile

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