Thursday, November 7, 2019

She's not dumb, she's principled

One of the stories making a splash today in the world of politics right now is really instructive. What Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) had to say about Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) perfectly illustrates how unprincipled and very, very sick GOP pols have become in the trump era.

He says that Speaker Pelosi--who set the impeachment process in motion--is "dumb" for pursuing her Constitutional duties because the economy is doing well with trump as President.

We will leave aside, for the moment, the whole issue of whether our economy is really doing all that well these days. There are many signs that we may be heading for a serious recession in the very near future.

But Senator Kennedy quite clearly believes that the Poser Prez should be able to do anything he wants--even engage in criminal acts--if he can manage the American economy well.

It certainly calls to mind how some some Italians who were supportive of Mussolini believed--as the story goes--that living under the boot of Fascism was okay because Il Duce made the trains run on time.

The plain truth is that Donald trump is a thug of the highest order. An incompetent one at that. And he truly believes that he can do anything, literally anything whatsoever and that there should be never be any accountability for his venal, hateful, incompetent or criminal actions.

This won't fly. The American people--or I should say, I suppose--the ones who have not quaffed the Kool Aid, will have none of that.

We will hold Mango Mussolini accountable for his hateful, dishonest and incompetent behavior while he stinks up the Oval Office, the constant Republican attempts to thwart that accountability notwithstanding.

Trump will not succeed in his attempts to stave off the day of reckoning which is surely coming. And John Kennedy's belief that he should be allowed to continue tearing our Nation apart with his thuggish and insane behavior has clearly exposed how complicit and sick the Republican Party has become with trump as its leader.


"Bulldog Ben" Basile

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