Saturday, November 2, 2019

Fundamental Values and Choices Made

Yesterday, an opinion piece ran in USA Today with this title: "The Republican party must choose between Donald Trump and the party's fundamental values".

But the truth is that the GOP made that choice months ago. 

There are no decisions left to make. None.

The Rethuglican party and its sycophantic elected officials are standing 100% in support of trump and his hateful, criminal policies.

The only thing that has changed is that they're appearing on news shows less often to sing his praises.

When one of them has the nerve to make an appearance, they mouth the exact talking points that come from the White House and Fox Noise.

The (very) few members of the GOP caucus who have begun to show signs of having a backbone or a conscience are not saying anything critical of trump, anything that would address his obvious, out-in-the-open criminal activity.

In most cases, they have merely stopped parroting those official, false-on-their-face talking points. Temporarily.

Mitt Romney is the only Repug I've seen who's ventured so far as to say anything the least bit critical of the Poser Prez.

It's been very mild, very half-hearted criticism and he's getting a lot of push-back now from the true believers in the cult-of-trump.

And it goes without saying that that push-back has come to the surprise of absolutely no one who's been paying the least bit of attention to what the GOP has been doing since Putin and Dolt 45 stole the Oval Office.

And so he will--I say this with zero fear of being proved wrong--he will stop saying those mildly critical things about all of Adolph Twitler's many high crimes and misdemeanors, take his seat again and then convene a new round of daily damage control sessions with his PR team until he's sure he hasn't pissed off his constituents too badly.

This will not change.

Folks, it's 2019 and to the Republicans on team trump today, standing by while Dear Leader abuses and strangles Lady Liberty is an option.

Saying nothing while he uses twitter to tell trump nation to get ready to start killing those pesky, unpatriotic journalists and democrats is just fine.

But standing up for America and for democracy and doing something--anything--to stop our Thug-in-Chief as he marches our once-great Nation closer and closer to the edge of the abyss?

No. THAT is NOT an option.

It's just NOT going to happen.

If you were thinking otherwise, you're completely, sadly mistaken.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2019 Ben Lawrence Basile

Follow this link  to read that opinion piece in USA Today for Nov 1st.

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