Thursday, October 25, 2018

The attempted bombings and our collective reaction is...

Unless you're living under a rock, you've heard or read by now that bombs turned up in at least five mailboxes or mail rooms in the last 48 hours.

In every case, the recipients were politicians, public figures or news organizations that tRump and/or his followers in the Reich Wing have repeatedly slammed and tried to paint as being dangerous, unpatriotic and--yeah, this tired slam--enemies of the people.

So bombs are sent to George Soros, the Clintons, former President Obama, Rep. Maxine Waters and CNN.

You'd expect that the American people would be concerned and outraged, right?

Well, they're not. Living under the criminal tRump regime has made violent language, threats of violence and violent acts so common that the alarm bell no longer rings.

The attempted bombings and our collective reaction are very unfortunate. And very troublesome.

They're especially troubling as many of the Reich Wing are planning--have been planning at least since the election of Barack Obama--to unleash violence on their "enemies". The enemies of the people, of course.

They know who their enemies are. Their president has told them--in no uncertain terms and over and over again--he has told them who their enemies are. He has told them who should not be allowed to take up space in "their" country any longer.

Their enemies are other Americans whose political views they don't like.

Americans whose patriotism doesn't include a hatred of minorities, brown people and immigrants, especially.

Their enemies are other Americans whose patriotism doesn't include ostentatious displays of flag waving, a desire to whip into submission any nation refusing to get on-board with America's "vital National interests", and a belief that anyone who isn't white, Christian and English-speaking doesn't belong in the USA.

The collective yawn by the American people in the wake of these attempted bombings is very troubling because the White Supremacists, militia-types and extremists of all stripes are watching.

And when they feel that they've been green-lighted by their Fearless Leader and his brutal, sycophantic underlings, they'll believe that the time will be right to begin their long-desired purge of  dissenters, "traitors" and non-conformists.

Their enemies. The enemies of the people. The obstructionists, the resisters. The ones who are keeping them from making America great again.

Those of us who refuse to quaff tRump's noxious Kool-Aid are walking around with targets on our backs.

And because we have become so inured to violent language, threats and acts; because this has become routine in the age of tRump; because the idea of right wing death squads roaming the country, El Salvador style, is so unthinkable that most of us can't even "go there"...

For all those reasons, the meh reaction of the American people in response to the attacks against people our poser prez hates and reviles on a daily basis is very troubling indeed.

The stage is set. The haters, the racists and the militia types are ready. They're locked and loaded.

And they're just waiting for their chance.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2018 Ben Lawrence Basile


  1. The right wing has been itching for a 2nd civil war ever since a black man took their White House.

  2. Yes, they have! Only a few of them admit it, but there's no doubt! And having this #LyingLoserPrez in the White House has greatly encouraged the MAGAts!