Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Don the Con has been committing tax fraud?! No way!

Okay, so ol' Bulldog here is being a smartass with that title! You got me!

Yes, I've known for two years that tRump has been committing serious criminal offenses for a very long time. Both with his taxes and his loan applications.

That's been apparent to anyone who reads news regularly and isn't sucking at the teat of Fox Noise, Info Wars, World News Daily and "news sources" like that.

And it leads back to another vein of tRump lies--one of the really big ones--the lies relating to the size of his fortune.

He's been shooting ridiculously high numbers for his net worth when it's a PR thing and he wants to make himself look good.

But then he--or more precisely, his accounting and legal types--are forever putting out crazy-low figures when it's about tax his tax liabilities--such as income from his real estate portfolio and the like.

Oh, and those business losses! Those multiple bankruptcies! They're YUGE at tax time but completely insignificant when he's counting his poker chips!

What led me to today's posting is an article that just appeared in the NYT about some of the irregularities, shall we say, about tRump's very flexible accounting practices.

The piece is mostly about how he's massacred tax law for decades going all the way back to how his father's taxes were tallied at the time money flowed to Donald from his dad or from Papa Fred's estate.

The article itself is not a quick read, but here's a link to a brief run-down about the Times article on Teagan Goddard's primo site, Politicalwire.com. It does a good job of summing it up for readers who're trying to use their day efficiently. I recommend it highly.

If you are up for the article in its entirety, just follow this link.

It's a helluva job trying to keep up with all of tRump's lies, corruption and dirty deals, ain't it?

Well, it's like trying to garner "Yard of the Month" honors from the Homeowner's Association. You know deep down you'll never get there, but you feel like you just need to keep plugging away at it!

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

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