Monday, April 16, 2018

Two bombshells in tRumpland!

It has been a truly insane week for the American people! As the smoke rises higher from that sickening dumpster fire that is the tRump presidency, those of us who have been watching closely have been wondering what would the next big thing be? When would we see it? Who would be dragged down next?

The events of the last week have answered some of those questions but also made it clear to those of us who are keeping the vigil that we should have no expectation of being able predict where the Mueller investigation is going.

When the FBI, at the behest of prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, conducted those simultaneous raids on tRump attorney Michael Cohen's office, apartment and hotel room, exactly one week ago today, I don't think any pundit or prognosticator saw it coming.

But even though it was unexpected and more than a little shocking, it was clear from the moment investigators rushed through the doors that the raids were a very big deal.

Well, the other shoe did drop this afternoon in judge Kimba Wood's courtroom. Judge Wood had ordered Cohen's legal team to disclose their client's client list.

They resisted. Bigly. But at the end of the day, they complied.

Yeah, by now you've heard.

The mystery man was none other than Fox News' hatchet man, Sean Hannity.

Hannity, as you may know, is arguably tRump's most ardent defender and has been howling at the top of his lungs for seven straight days now about what a travesty it is for the feds to have targeted his bestie, Michael Cohen, and helped themselves to 3½ shit loads of his professional and personal records. Paper and digital. Lots of his records. All of his records.

Sean was mad. Really, bigly mad!

Of course, at no time did he ever mention that he was one of Cohen's clients.

Call him an un-client. Call him "client-light". Call him whatever! Cohen's crack legal team has told the judge that Hannity's a client, so a client he is.

And he should have disclosed that to his viewers and to the American public as he went on and on and on about how Robert Mueller, crooked Hillary, the Deep State and FBI are conspiring to bring down our poor, pitiful #PoserPrez; about how Michael Cohen is being unfairly targeted in order to pull off the dark, dastardly deed, blah, blah, blah!

Last weekend, I was reading the tea leaves--and many net publications--wondering where Mueller & Co were going. Like all of us, the Cohen raids were the very last thing I was expecting.

And having Hannity, the King of all Reich Wing nut jobs, and the golden boy of Fox News, revealed as Michael Cohen's "mystery client" was such a bizarrely, spectacularly shocking development that I literally could not have conceived of it in a million frickin' years!

Even so, I haven't been able to break that habit. I'm still expending considerable amounts of time and energy trying to predict the direction in which Capt Mueller and his troops might be going.

But I know it's an exercise in futility. I know it! 

So my strategy now is to just calmly and dispassionately check Google News, my inbox and my twitter feed now and then, content in knowing that the Special Counsel is on the job.

Just kidding!  It's Jared. Kushner's going to be the next denizen of tRumpland to go down!

Remember folks; you heard it first from Bulldog!

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© Ben Lawrence Basile

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