Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Comey memo is out!

Well, that title should read "The Comey memos--plural--are out!" There are seven of them.

The thing about this release is that Devin Nunes and his merry band of Rethuglican misfits went all out to get the memos released. Threatened the DOJ with contempt of congress charges if they didn't cough 'em up.

The DOJ complied. Nunes & Co released them immediately. And the whole country is now wondering why.

Back on February 3rd, I posted here with a feature all about that crazy Nunes Memo and how that didn't exactly go as planned for those funny GOP tRumpkins.

Well, this affair around the Comey memos is all that to the power of 10.

Yeah, it's blowing up in their faces. Bigly. When Rep Nunes and the complicit clowns in the GOP threw their little tantrum about former FBI Director James Comey's notes and his infamous meetings with our #PoserPrez, they really didn't know exactly what the memos contained. And it's pretty clear that no one in that Confederacy of Dunces bothered to read them and find out.

So now they, and the whole country, are getting to see that Comey's notes are in virtually perfect agreement with the facts in his new book. And all the many interviews he's given, as well.

We're all getting to see that our #LoserPrez is a fucking liar and has been scheming to obstruct the investigation of the Special Counsel from the very beginning. Of course, there has been plenty of evidence to verify those things for months, way before Comey's book and the memos were released.

And we're all getting to see that the tRump loyalists in the GOP keep enabling tRump's treachery, but they really suck at doing it.

If all their antics didn't put at risk our country and our democratic way of life, they would be hilariously funny.

To read an article that lays out all of this in more detail, just follow this link.

Hey, Devin! You suck! And badly. Can't you commit treason a bit more competently?

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

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