Sunday, April 11, 2021

Priority One for the GOP Today is...

There was a gathering of the Republican Party faithful and -- more to the point -- a lot of the Party's big-time donors in West Palm Beach last night. The get-together carried a lot of importance with the 2022 mid-term elections starting to heat up.

It goes without saying that trump's speech at this RNC event was the highlight. And although I don't have the stomach to go through this rancid speech in any detail, the main takeaway now that the event's over is clear: the Republican Party's top priority these days -- even with Dear Leader out of power -- is to continue to kiss trump's ass and allow him to steer the ship.

Aren't you surprised?

I wasn't expecting it to go any other way, of course. The QOP will continue to worship and enable this hateful con man. It won't stop -- it can't stop -- as long as getting and holding power is all that the party and the party faithful value.

You can follow this link to read a brief feature about last night's event and trump's rambling, self-serving speech in particular.

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