Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Inauguration of Joe Biden as our 46th President

The shock arising from the assault on the Citadel of Democracy four days ago is still being felt. That will be the case for a while.

One powerful consolation is that the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States will take place, as scheduled, ten days from now.

The date of January 20th is mandated by the 20th Amendment to our Constitution and the Republic will continue to carry out this imperative, the shocking spectacle of Americans breaching our Capitol notwithstanding.

I can across a feature today from the office of the Architect of the Capitol, the governmental entity that is tasked with all the preparations for this sacred ritual of democracy which comes around every four years. It's a very good way to learn more about the intricate preparations that happen in the weeks leading up to this auspicious, recurring event that is an important part of how our democracy moves forward.

We will move forward, make no mistake. We will witness this ceremony, the first step in the restoration of American dignity and of the practice of our salutary traditions.

And we'll move into the next chapter of the American Experiment, not united, but resolved and begin to heal from the last four dark and disastrous years.

 And nothing will prevent that from taking place.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

© 2021 Ben Lawrence Basile

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