Sunday, August 2, 2020

No, we're not going back

In an on-line forum earlier today, one of my friends said that she had really gotten used to having a lot of things delivered since lock downs began. She went on to say that she was really hoping that delivery will still be offered by many businesses once we can have something approaching "normal" life again.

I think that there's a good chance that we'll still see plenty of merchants offering delivery post-pandemic. Many prognosticators and folks in media have said that a lot of the changes that have been and are happening won't be undone. I think they're right.

Brick-and-mortar stores were already struggling before COVID-19 and many have--or soon will--go belly up. So one of those predicted changes is that most of them will not be able to come back at all.

Amazon was huge before the pandemic, has gotten much bigger and they're saying that trend will keep on going no matter what. Not that it's only amazon; the trend is helping on-line merchants across the board.

Not too sure if I'm typical here but it's truly insane how much stuff I've ordered from Amazon in the last four months!

Having lots of food, merchandise and what-not dropped right on your doorstep is pretty cool. I'm thinking that delivery services will still be offered by many if not most businesses even after we get the pandemic under control.

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