Sunday, March 24, 2019

The AG has released his summary of the Mueller Report

Attorney General William Barr has released his summary of the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

You may certainly count me among those who watch the events of our National political life quite carefully and were surprised by the conclusions of Mueller's report.

The short version is this: Mueller found no actionable evidence about trump and his staff conspiring with the effort by Russia to help him get elected.

And as to the matter of whether trump obstructed justice or not, the report neither recommends charges nor exonerates the President.

You might say this is like a draw in a soccer game.

One wonders what in the world it would take to prove an Obstruction of Justice charge.

You may also count me among those who find it very troubling that AG Barr decided that an obstruction charge for his boss was not warranted in less time than it usually takes a middle-schooler to write a book report.

That is a real head-scratcher.

For more about that specific angle to this story, click right here.

Barr's letter with his summary was addressed to the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Judiciary Committees in both the House and the Senate and you can read it in its entirety by following this link.

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