Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Mueller memo detailing Flynn's lies--a follow up

I wanted to post with a quick follow up to yesterday's piece.

When the time came for Flynn to be sentenced earlier today, his legal team begged Judge Sullivan to push everything back 90 days.

The Judge had expressed outrage about what Flynn had done, after the full extent of his misdeeds had been revealed. To get up-to-date, see yesterday's post or search "Flynn sentencing".

In light of Judge Sullivan's anger, Mr Flynn's attorneys wisely begged for more time. I'd call it a cooling off period, of sorts as they knew that Gen Flynn was at dire risk at that moment of being hit with a much stiffer sentence than he had faced before the contents of the government's FD-302 memo came to light.

So the report on Flynn's punishment is that there's no report!

Not today, at any rate.

Watch this space...

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

Don't feel like searching? Here's a link to a story that sums up today's court proceedings.

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