Saturday, September 1, 2018

Some of your friends may say...

Now and then I hear some of my friends may say that I should stop being so strident, so upset. I should just take a chill pill. Mellow out. Zip that lip and not get your friends on social media so upset...

Well, I truly have tried, at times, to hold back. But I've got to get some stuff off my chest today.

Honestly, I just can't understand how anyone can support what's happening now or defend Adolph Twitler when he's working as hard as he can to tear our country off its foundations and get rid of or marginalize everyone who isn't white, straight and rich.

It's impossible to just go about life as it was before that evil, greedy and completely incompetent poser was propelled into our White House by a campaign of lies and with the help of his Russian handlers.

I'd like my friends to explain again why we should act as if none of this is happening! It sounds to me like the situation is that they just don't like conflict and hate to "hear" two friends, as it were, having a heated argument.

I understand that. I'm actually wired the same way. But what's happening now is not at all like a Presidential election from the pre-trump days or something. Trump and his enablers and co-conspirators are trying to make the country I love into something of, by and for the very wealthy, for big business interests and for the Putin Regime. And working people, people who could never afford membership at one of his country clubs, can just go to hell.

No one in the trump admin is even trying to hide this right-out-in-the-open contempt for anyone who can't buy into their concept of what America is supposed to be like.

Some of us are not cool with that! And it's not right that we're being told by friends to just zip the lip and pretend all this is somehow normal! It's not! None of this is normal!

I still had a little desire to just try to be all cool and everything right up until I saw--with my own eyes--the outrageous stuff that Hair Hitler said and did at the Helsinki Summit. I know it was his first performance revue with his boss and everything, but it was astonishing the way his repeatedly kissed Putin's murderous ass!

And, of course, he did the same damn thing when he had his little summit--I mean his photo opp--with Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

Thousands of Republicans and trump supporters finally got it after Helsinki. Open your eyes, my friends! It's all happening in plain sight!

We are way past the time when we can be silent about the poser prez and his hateful, destructive and criminal behavior.

"Bulldog Ben" Basile

"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!"

© 2018 Ben Lawrence Basile

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