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Devin Nunes on tape admitting email collusion would be a crime

Donald tRump's wingman, Representative Devin Nunes, has done all kinds of stuff to protect his hateful, thuggish boss over the last 19 months.

Who can forget the time he jumped out of one car and into another to get himself over to the White House on the down-low to tip off Dirty Donnie that our intelligence community was looking at some of the "unusual" contacts members of his campaign team and his administration had been having with known Russian intelligence operatives?

That was in April of 2017, a mere three months after the Trumpenfuhrer had been elevated to the Presidency.

When Nunes and the rest of tRump's enablers and sycophants in the GOP shield their Poser Prez from the consequences of his constant unethical and/or illegal actions, they try as hard as they can to rationalize whatever he's doing. Some of the media appearances where they do this are downright comical.

Sometimes the talking point is that tRump and others in his criminal regime are doing their duties unrestrained from the old, outmoded notions of political correctness. Even when what they're doing is spectacularly unethical or even illegal.

So it was a really big deal when Nunes was caught talking about the secret GOP strategy to follow through on the plan to impeach Rod Rosenstein, but to wait until they could get Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh confirmed in the Senate.

The setting was a fundraiser last week for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Nunes, nor anyone else in attendance realized at the time realized that one of the attendees was a Democratic party operative who had come to surreptitiously tape the event, hoping to catch for posterity some nugget that might prove useful politically.

Nunes discussed a hypothetical situation where a politician, acting like a (Republican) politician releases emails which had been obtained through a hacking operation.

Here's what he actually said:

"But ultimately let's say the Portuguese came and brought her (Rep. McMorris Rodgers) some stolen emails. And she decided to release those. Okay, now we have a problem, right?"

Nunes continued: "Because somebody stole the emails, gave them to Cathy, and Cathy released them. Well, if that's the case, then that's criminal."

This explosive recording ended up in the hands of MSNBC Correspondent Rachel Maddow who made it the centerpiece of her show tonight.

Now, there's a lot to unpack in the recording. There are three or four different aspects of the story around this recording which could certainly make headlines.

But the remarks contained in the excerpt above are huge. Nunes says very plainly that releasing illegally obtained--meaning hacked--emails in a political dirty op would be a criminal act. It's absolutely crystal-clear!

This story illustrates like few others can that GOP pols routinely says things they know are flagrant lies. For more than a year and a half their pundits and talking heads have been saying that Fearless Leader and their political operatives didn't do anything questionable--much less illegal--throughout the 2016 Presidential Election or in the 19 months that tRump has been in power.

And watching how their cover story about colluding with the Russians has evolved has been truly comical: at first, no one on the campaign met with any Russians to do bad things because there never was a meeting!

When that was blown up, the talking point became that there was a meeting, but that, first of all, it was all about the adoption of poor lil' Russian orphans, and secondly, tRump wasn't there!

The next version of the no collusion! story was that yes, we went into the meeting to get dirt on Hillary but, anyone would have done it and, most importantly, that's not illegal!

Well, it all stinks! All of it! 

The fact that they took the meeting stinks! 

Jumping on-board with Russia's efforts to help their campaign stinks!

 The massive and prolonged effort to deny, distract and cover up the truth about the whole affair stinks!

So let's fast forward to last week's secret fundraiser for McMorris-Rodgers in Spokane. To hear that Devin Nunes himself understands that receiving and disseminating information from hacked emails constitutes a crime is stunning! Absolutely stunning!

Rethuglican spinmeisters can (and will) go on twisting the sad truths around their party's treasonous cooperation with Putin and his campaign to sway the 2016 election until Judgement Day.

Kellyanne Conway and tRump's lying sack of Sarah can go on with the disinformation campaign until they're eventually silenced with more indictments, resignations and convictions.

But after we heard the admission of the truth from the lips of Devin Nunes about the criminality of using stolen emails, the American people know, and history will attest, that the cooperation of tRump, his underlings and the GOP with Putin and Co. was unprecedented in our history, was criminal from start to finish and was a stone-cold act of treason against the USA!

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