Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hate crimes and tRump tweets linked?

Teagan Goodard's excellent site regularly features content you're not likely to find on most news sites. I probably read 20-30 articles on the net daily and P'wire is by far the one where I'm most likely to get scooped and thereby get up to speed on something of considerable importance that had previously escaped my attention.

One of today's excellent posts features a recent study that shows a link between tRump's frequently hateful tweets and acts of violence, against Muslims, specifically. The eye-opening study was done by researchers Karsten Müller and Carlo Schwarz.

It does get a bit technical but it's well worth a read. I've never doubted that the twitter outrages from the Poser Prez do lead to hateful acting out, and it's good to see that my suspicions are born out by some evidence.

If you're not familiar with this excellent site, follow this link to check out

If you'd like to dive in to the article regarding Mango Mussolini's tweets and the link to hateful, violent acts, click here.

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