Monday, March 26, 2018

The alarming rise of Cult 45

The Bulldog Barks

For bloggers, it's insane how many potentially "blog worthy" stories are right there for the taking at any moment.

I recently came across an article from Salon magazine that looks at the ways in which adoration of our #PoserPrez suggest a cult-like phenomenon.

Because I have deep roots in religious practices which I now believe to be extreme and are what I would describe as semi-cultish, this article caught my attention right away.

Yeah, "semi-cultish" ain't a real word; I made it up! But it fits; I think I'll go with it.

Chauncey DeVega is the author of the article. It's mostly a distillation of cult expert Steven Hassan's insight into cults and how they operate. DeVega's article is clear, well-reasoned and thorough without being overly-detailed or too clinical for the typical reader.

I recommend it highly, especially for those of you who share my distaste for Mr tRump, his temperament, his methods and his actions.

So take a look at the article if you're so inclined. It's a compelling read for Americans who are troubled by what's happening to our country under the non-leadership of con artist Donald tRump.

As we observe the goings-on inside this bizarro carnival that passes for his administration, you may be wondering how the Clown-in-Chief holds on to the support of most of the folks who bought tickets.

I've been wondering too. A thorough read of DeVega's piece here can help.

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